Extra curicular Activity

Nirbhaya Kanya Abhiyan

Even though we are living in the 21st Century women are nor safe. Many social evils are there in public and private places too. Especially young girls are facing the harassments and sexual abuses in massive numbers every day. It is necessary to empower them. Swaraj College always conduct programs and seminars for girls as well as boys students regarding women safety, violence against women, laws for women.

Festival and Days Celebration

Students learning in our college belong to different religions and social groups. All festivals are cultural in one way or another. There are many types of cultural festivals such as National, Religious and Seasonal. They all serve the purpose of bringing happiness to our lives, and strengthen our sense of community. Every year Swaraj College celebrates major festivals in campus. All teachers and students participate enthusiastically. This helps to develop the unity among all. Our college also celebrates various special days than can be enjoyed by students as well as improves their knowledge. Birth anniversaries of national leaders, scientists, conspicuous personalities, science days, nature and environment related days, youth days, language and cultural days etc. Teachers and students both participate to organize and attend the days.

Lifelong Learning and Extension Department Programs

Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, Savitribai Phule Pune University every year sanctions various programs for college students. Our college organizes different programs, seminars on important topics. Students should not be limited only to study; rather they should also develop themselves as a responsible citizen. Our college organizes seminars around social, economical, familial topics and invites experts in the respective field to deliver lectures to students. Women Self Help Groups, Pre marriage counseling, family dispute resolution, women safety, development of entrepreneurship.

Emergency Relief Fund Collection

Swaraj College of Commerce and Computer Studies is aware of social responsibilities as well. College teaching staff, administrative staff and students always take participation in activities for developing soci• Emergency Relief Fund Collection al relationships in emergency time.

Kerala Flood Relief Fund

In 2018 monsoon season Kerala state in India was highly affected by heavy rainfall, floods and landslides. Many people around the world had collected funds to help the state and defenseless people. Swaraj College teachers and students went door to door to collect the fund from local people. College had raised a big amount and handover it to respective committee.

Kolhapur Flood Relief Fund

In 2019 monsoon season Kolhapur, Sangali and Satara districts in Maharashtra were badly affected by heavy rainfall and floods. Swaraj College teachers and students collected a big amount fund as well as necessary goods like grain, cloths, sanitary napkins etc. All went for door to door collection. College handed over the fund to Savitribai Phule Pune University established fund committee

NSS Camp


Annual camp organized under NSS banker is one of the major ways to participate in the development of rural areas. Our College organizes the camp every academic year in villages near Pune. Volunteers and some teachers participate in the camp for selected village. The problems of the village would be identified. On the basis of these problems, strategies are made for the welfare of the villagers. Under this activity, villagers are given new ideas for the development of the village and to improve the standard of living of the villagers. Volunteers mainly focus on making the villagers aware about the prevailing trends of water harvesting, agriculture, development of wastelands, sanitation, housing, personal hygiene, consumer rights, legal aids, low-cost housing, non-conventional energy and many other factors. Both girls and boys students equally participate in the camp every year. Principal, NSS program officer and some teachers accompany the students for the whole week at the location of camp. All types of works are distributed among students therefore they can use these experiences in personal life also. In academic year 2018-19 the NSS camp was organized in Alandewadi village, Taluka Bhor, District Pune and in academic year 2019-20 it was in Lavhi Bk. Village, Taluka Velha, District Pune.

स्वच्छ वारी - स्वस्थ वारी - निर्मल वारी - हरित वारी अभियान


This campaign is announced by Savitribai Phule Pune University in last some years. Wari is an annual pilgrimage in Maharashtra. Warakaris (devotees) march from Dehu or Alandi to Pandharpur. During this long journey they need help in various contexts. Every year NSS volunteers of Swaraj College participate in this campaign.

They clean the definite road of pilgrimage, distribution of foliages, collection of wet as well as dry garbage, organizing health camps, serving old age people and distributing required medical goods, plantation of medicinal plants road a side, making people aware about health, nature, education etc.

Tree Plantation Campaign

Day by day the environment is degrading due to human interventions. Every person should be responsible for environment safety. It is essential to make students aware about importance of saving the nature for our future. Swaraj College is always trying to transfer the knowledge regarding environment to our students. Therefore we organize as well as participate NSS volunteers of Swaraj College perform the duty to save the nature in every year by tree plantation. Savitribai Phule Pune University takes the initiative and it is regularly followed by our college. In June 2019 our college has participated in the Guinness Book World Record of planting thousands of almost 15,000 Neem plants initiated by Savitribai Phule Pune University. Teachers and students plant the trees in different location from rural to urban regions.

Fight Against CORONA

Corona pandemic was begun to spread on large scale in the beginning of year 2020. The lockdown was declared in March, 2020 for longer period in India and other countries as well for the sake of public health. Swaraj College has contributed to the safety activities for common people. College staff and students participated in the safety mask production. Almost 2500 masks have been produced and distributed. Swaraj College initiated this for the safety of citizens and our students, their family members in pandemic period. College also sent the masks outside Pune city, rural areas near Pune, districts like Beed, Ratnagiri, Panavel, Raigad.